Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Classy Watches from The Victorian Trading Company-Nice for Christmas

Both beautiful and functional, this elegant timepiece implies one's feminine tendencies. Mother of pearl face/marcasite stones. Adjustable 7 - 8".

Pearl Watch Bracelet
Both beautiful and functional, this elegant timepiece implies one's feminine tendencies.  Quartz.  7"
$ 29.95 ($40 retail)

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 Welcome to Polly's Picks, Great Deals & More!

This is just a placeholder for now but it will grow day by day and I am moving over the many deals and web links that I have shared with my many friends on Face Book.com.

If I ever feel like I have information that could help someone do something better, enable them to think in a different way than they normally did, or just save a few bucks; that makes me feel that the information was worth sharing.

I look forward to sharing the best deals on the web and beyond in the year to come!

Miss Polly Motzko




When I was looking to read more about the Calphalon SEAR Non-Stick pans that Chef Michael Symon was advertising on the Food Network, I was searching some of my many sites to find the lowest price on the net, and discovered The Chef's Resource.com. It had a really good deal on the pans that you will find below.


I just built this site but had thought about creating it late last night when I was finding great deals and discovering noteworthy things that I felt were worth sharing on Facebook.com. That is where I usually share with my over 250 friends the sites that I discover on the web, new recipes that will be featured on my cooking blog at: Cooking Up A Storm All Over The World!

I thought, why don't I just compile an entire site that is composed of great deals and finds that I just happen to run into? So, no sooner was an idea born in my mind, and then, after thinking about what the name would be for it, several choices came to mind. I was going to pick Miss Polly's Picks, but I liked how simple it was and it was to the point.

Things are going to be added to this and I hope that you all will add to this blog deals that you find in your areas. Just make sure that with each post that you also include the city and state and country if needed-of where your deal was found.

Polly Motzko